Sahana development for Myanmarpradeeper
Brain dump by pradeeper on June 11th 2008
Multiple user groups,Industry and FOSS/GIS communities started an effort to develop/customize Sahana for the recent disaster in Myanmar (Cyclone Nargis). The whole effort started based on a three day (3-5 June) conference call and a user training held by some of the Sahana community members.

This Team (or rather group) consist of a number of locals/International volunteers, Humanitarians, and representatives of IBM US/Aus, InSTEDD,LSF, Respere and OpenStreetMap.

Team decided to do the customization based on the last stable release of Sahana (which is 0.6.2) and incorporate some of the important features (specially GIS functionality including TMS support for OpenStreetMap) from the unstable release. This will be a definite challenge for the developers to merge some of the bleeding edge code with relatively old code, while maintaining the stability on the whole application.

As an outcome of these discussions, there was a request from the team to have a separate CVS branch for this customization. Based on the CVS convention, I managed to find the time to create a new deployment branch for this, known as ‘dep_0_6_2_myanmar’. This branch can be obtained by anyone (as anonymous user) by issuing following,

cvs -z3 co -r dep_0_6_2_myanmar -P sahana-phase2

Sahana project perspective, this is going to be a major push for releasing another stable version of the application soon. The six month old current stable application needs another release.